Rank 9 Perks
The perks below require you unlock an in-game rank. Type /ranks in-game to rank up!

Stargate Portal Creation

Create gates that allow for instant-teleportation between large distances. Gates can be always-open, or triggered, they can be hidden, or accessible to everybody, they can share a network, or they can be split into clusters. The core usage of Stargate is completely commandless for a more immersed feel.

Building a Gate

This is the design for a gate. You dont need to place a button if you keep the gate open all the time

Sign Layout

Line 1: Gate Name Line 2: Destination Name [Optional] (Used for fixed-gates only) Line 3: Network name [Optional] Line 4: Options [Optional]

Options for sign

The options are the single letter, not the word. So to make a private hidden gate, your 4th line would be PH.
A for always-on fixed gate H for hidden networked gate P for a private gate F for a free gate B is for a backwards facing gate (You will exit the back) S is for showing an always-on gate in the network list N is for hiding the network name R is for random gates. These follow standard permissions of gates, but have a random exit location every time a player enters.
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