Here are some reasons why you should consider playing on Blockville. In many ways, we have more vanilla features than most other servers that claim to be vanilla!

Mob Freedom

Mobs spawn per-player, not globally. That means no matter how many players are playing on the server, everyone will experience the maximum amount of mobs spawning in your area.
This maintains the vanilla mob-spawning feel of Minecraft, without sacrificing gameplay.
Mob's also have full AI, without compromises. Villagers, Phantoms, and every single mob retains their AI levels, including mobs that spawn from spawners.

No Redstone Limits

There are no hard-limits to Redstone. You can make elaborate, complicated computational structures to suit your purpose! Intelligent Redstone optimizations ensure Redstone puts less load on our systems, without compromising your Redstone machines.

Large World Borders

Our world borders are very large, and very generous. We seasonally expand the worldborder of our vanilla overworlds, as well as the Nether, and the End to add more content for newer players!

No Entity Removal

We do NOT remove entities. We have no need to! Our entities smartly disable their AI when not in use, and automatically re-activate when their AI is needed.

Quality Player and Customer Support

We're very accessible. You can reach us through Discord, or our direct ticket portal by clicking here!

Massive Experience

We've been working on Minecraft communities since 2012, we've incorporated safety and security measures to ensure a smooth gameplay experience free from world corruption, and catastrophic failures. Your builds are safe!
Our Anti-bot and DDOS mitigation ensures cheaters and proponents wishing to cause instability cannot hinder your smooth experience.

AFK, Grinding, Autoclicking allowed

We allow you to use macro-based autoclickers and printers. We also do not have any AFK kicking. You can also grind mobs to your hearts content without any throttling.
Last modified 1yr ago