Basic commands for moving around the server.

Inter-World Teleportation

  • /rtp - Travel to different worlds.

    • Wild - The main world to build and live in.

    • Resources - Mining world where you can collect resources.

    • Nether - The nether. You can also use portals.

    • End/Aether - The End. You can also use portals.

  • /pw - See list of all warps.

Personal Travel

  • /tpa <name> - Teleport to another player.

  • /tpahere <name> - Request another player teleport to you.

  • /tptoggle - Disable teleport requests from others.

  • /sethome - Set the location of your homebase.

  • /home - Teleport back to your homebase.

  • /pw <name> - Teleport to someone elses warp.

  • /pw set <name> - Set a warp (higher ranks).