ArtMap Guide

Welcome to ArtMap!

ArtMap allows players to create and share unique artworks in-game. To get started, you'll need to craft an Easel and Canvas. You can also craft Paint Buckets with different coloured dyes. All the recipes you will need are available in-game with the /artmap command.

Getting Started

Place an Easel by right-clicking on the ground. Once you mount your Canvas on the Easel, you can right-click to ride the Easel and begin painting.
To paint, click the Canvas with different dyes. Right-Click and drag to draw lines and curves. You can also click with a Paint Bucket to fill in an area.
Press shift to dismount, or use /artmap save <title> to save and retrieve your artwork. You can use commands to delete artworks or view other players' work. Use /artmap in-game for more information.
And That's it, you're now an ArtMap master. Happy painting!
Creative Gallery

ArtMap Commands

  • /artmap - Displays the help menu.
  • /artmap save <title> - Saves your work. Title must be between 3 and 16 characters, and contain only letters, numbers, or underscores.
  • /artmap delete <title> - Deletes your artwork. All copies of this artwork will also be deleted.
  • /artmap preview <title> - Preview an artwork.

ArtMap Dye Palette

The following dye materials can be used to draw on your canvas.
You can combine any of these items with a bucket to create a PaintBucket of that colour. You can use a PaintBucket to fill in areas of the canvas.
Note: Using an Eye of Ender will make the canvas point transparent.

A user submitted the below chart for some of the paint colours. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

"How can I copy an artwork?"
Yes! Just combine the artwork with one or more empty map(s) in the crafting table. Note that you can only create copies of your own artworks.
"Can you add more colours?"
Short answer, no. Maps can only display a limited number of data values; ArtMap already uses most of them (the rest are mostly redundant.
"Are there Different brush sizes?"

Managing Artworks


You can save any artwork by using /artmap save <title>. You can view artworks created by any player by opening the /artmap menu, clicking "View Artworks", and selecting the player you want to view.


To create copies of an artwork, combine it in the crafting table with one or more empty map(s). Note that you can only create copies of your own artworks.


To edit an artwork, right-click an easel with a copy of your artwork. Note that this won't change active copies of the original artwork, but instead creates a new artwork, identical to your original.


Any artwork can be deleted using /artmap delete <title>. This will affect all copies in the world of this artwork. Players can only delete their own artworks.
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